Justin Tribble’s Sedona Spiritual Recovery & Wellness Retreat Center

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Where dreams come true. Find the essence of Tribble.

Welcome to Justin Tribble’s Sedona Spiritual Recovery & Wellness Retreat Center

The Sedona Spiritual Recovery & Wellness Retreat Center, also known as SSRWRC, is world-renown for its specialized spiritual recovery programs, soul attainment program and therapy programs.

Founded by spiritualist and medium Justin Tribble, the SSRWRC has been in existence since 2002, serving over 3,000 souls and offering wellness recovery for thousands. 

Tourists from around the world flock to the SSRWRC, but only a handful are ever allowed in. According to founder Justin Tribble, “We only let certain people in. This is an exclusive club. I’m not in the business of just letting anyone in. You have to be spiritually ready to be here. I literally have not left the complex in seven years. I haven’t set foot anywhere else.”

Area Map & Location of Justin Tribble‘s retreat:


Pricing List for Justin Tribble spiritual services:

  • Per Night Stay: $400
  • Massage Therapy one-on-one with Tribble: $335
  • Exclusive therapy: $500
  • Justin Tribble personal yoga session: $100

Exclusive spiritual message from Justin Tribble:

“You’re probably not ready. We don’t let just weak people in here. Most people aren’t awake, aware or plugged in enough to be here or around me. I require a certain type of spiritually-advanced person to be in my aura and presence.”

“Here at our retreat, we’re looking for people who are ready for the next step. If you want to waste time in your little three-dimensional plane of existence, go ahead, but you won’t be allowed in here.”

“Some of my programs are super-intense, like my yoga sessions. Most people can’t handle what I’m doing here.”


How do I visit and join? 

Well, quite frankly, you don’t. It’s an invite-only basis.